classical techniques,
romantic expression

Steven Stoffels


(May 1, 1999) is a student of the Tilburg Academy of Music. He has written music for a wide variety of projects. You can find a number of previews on this website. A brief summary of the projects he has worked on:

March 2014
Commercial D'66 (political party) for municipal elections

February 2015 & 2016

Dance presentation Valuascollege VENLO

April 2016:
Audiotrack for commercial 8Vance

August 2016:
Music for PartiallyRoyal, YouTube

September 2016:
Participation in NBE contest for composers (finalist)

December 2016:
Night of the performing Arts, Tilburg

February 2017:
Dark side of the city project, Venlo

March 2017:
Tune for Diesel Vodka

March 2017
Composition for saxophone quartet Tilburg Academy of Music

April 2017:
Music for YouTube channel Goubtube

May 2017:

Commercial video for 8Vance

June 2017

Music voor Night of Culture, city of Roermond


September 2017:

Saxophone quartet performed in Tilburg


November 2017:

Piece performed during November Music, Den Bosch


December 2017:

Night of the performing Arts, Tilburg


April 2018:

Piece for organ and soprano, performed at the Organ Festival


May 2018:

Composition for film, student HKU Utrecht


May 2018:

String quartet performed in Tilburg


June 2018:

Piece for piano, performed at the Nigth of Culture, Roermond


September 2018:

Piece for cello, saxophone and piano, performed in Tilburg.


September 2018 - June 2019
Bachelor course composing for film at Conservatory of Amsterdam with Jurre Haanstra


December 2018
Night of the Perforrming Arts, Tilburg. Piece for Saxophone, Guitar and Piano


February 2019
Strings on Stage, Tilburg. Piece for Saxophone, Cello and Piano


March 2019

Piece for "Zuid Nederlands Fanfare Initiatief"


April 2019

Piece for ensemble "Integra", Guitar and Saxophone


May 2019

Concert at Academie Theater, Tilburg. Piece for Saxophone and Piano


June 2019

Piece for Harmoninium, Saxophone and Piano, performed in Tilburg