classical techniques,
romantic expression

Steven Stoffels


(May 1, 1999) is a student of the Tilburg Academy of Music. He has written music for a wide variety of projects. You can find a number of previews on this website. A brief summary of the projects he has worked on:

March 2014
Commercial D'66 (political party) for municipal elections

February 2015 & 2016

Dance presentation Valuascollege VENLO

April 2016:
Audiotrack for commercial 8Vance

August 2016:
Music for PartiallyRoyal, YouTube

September 2016:
Participation in NBE contest for composers (finalist)

December 2016:
Night of the performing Arts, Tilburg

February 2017:
Dark side of the city project, Venlo

March 2017:
Tune for Diesel Vodka

March 2017
Composition for saxophone quartet Tilburg Academy of Music

April 2017:
Music for YouTube channel Goubtube

May 2017:

Commercial video for 8Vance

June 2017

Music voor Night of Culture, city of Roermond


September 2017:

Saxophone quartet performed in Tilburg


November 2017:

Piece performed during November Music, Den Bosch


December 2017:

Night of the performing Arts, Tilburg


April 2018:

Piece for organ and soprano, performed at the Organ Festival


May 2018:

Composition for film, student HKU Utrecht


May 2018:

String quartet performed in Tilburg


June 2018:

Piece for piano, performed at the Nigth of Culture, Roermond


September 2018: piece for cello, saxophone and piano, performed in Tilburg.